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child custody tips for during and after divorce

Child custody is one of the most difficult elements of a divorce. Who gets custody of the kids? What do you do about visitation and holidays? How can you get through this aspect of the divorce without everyone coming unwound? This blog contains information and tips about child custody arrangements during and after a divorce and advice about what your attorney can do for you. It is my hope that my personal experience of going through a divorce and having custody arrangements made and altered a few different times will help you get through the process a little easier than I did.

Why You Should Consider Divorce Bifurcation

19 October 2017
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Divorce bifurcation is a legal process that allows you to divide the legal process of your divorce into two main parts. The first part is to declare you legally divorced while the second part deals with the remaining issues of the divorce such as asset division. Bifurcation is particularly helpful for those who think their divorce can take a long time. Here are some of the numerous benefits of divorce bifurcation: Read More …

The Connections Between Government Benefit Systems And Child Support

25 July 2017
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When you get a divorce, child support is almost immediately set up so that the custodial parent begins to receive money from the other parent. However, if you are estranged from your spouse and seeking other forms of support, you may find it difficult. Here are the connections and difficulties associated with getting government benefits and child support. Foodshare, W2, TANF, and Medicaid Foodshare, also known as "food stamps," assists needy families with getting nutritious food. Read More …