3 Ways To Prepare For An Impending Divorce

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Child custody is one of the most difficult elements of a divorce. Who gets custody of the kids? What do you do about visitation and holidays? How can you get through this aspect of the divorce without everyone coming unwound? This blog contains information and tips about child custody arrangements during and after a divorce and advice about what your attorney can do for you. It is my hope that my personal experience of going through a divorce and having custody arrangements made and altered a few different times will help you get through the process a little easier than I did.

3 Ways To Prepare For An Impending Divorce

9 March 2016
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Filing for a divorce isn't always easy. It is usually a very difficult time in a person's life, even if both parties are being polite and getting along. You might even be on speaking terms with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Unfortunately, most divorces don't always go this well. People fight about different details of their marriage, especially when it comes to children. Sometimes, it is impossible to come to an agreement. Whether you are getting along with your ex-spouse or you think things are about to get really messy, here are three ways you can prepare yourself for your impending divorce.

Gather evidence substantiating why the marriage is over.

People change their minds about divorce all the time. They don't want to change their lifestyle or only one party wants to end the marriage. Having substantial evidence that the marriage is over helps you better make your argument, especially if you have to go to court. Gather as much evidence as you can and present it to your attorney. They will be able to help you decide what you need to show the court and how this information impacts your case.

Prepare to discuss all of the details surrounding your marriage and custody rights.

If you are able to, have a serious discussion with your soon-to-be ex about all of the details involved in your marriage. Focus mostly on custody, but also think about minor details. For example, who gets to keep your kitchenware or expensive furniture set? Talk about how you will divide up assets and get a handle on how bills are going to be paid while your divorce is processing. The more you can settle yourself, the better things will be when you go to court. Be sure to keep your attorney informed of any major decisions you make.

Gather any pre-nuptial agreements you might have already signed.

If you have already signed a pre-nuptial agreement, your divorce may be significantly easier to process. Like all important paperwork regarding your upcoming divorce, this should be presented to your attorney as soon as possible. This can help them better develop a court strategy and allows them to focus more of their time on custody or other issues, rather than dividing up material possessions.

Getting a divorce can be difficult, but the more you prepare, the easier it will be. Like always, be sure to keep your family lawyer informed as things develop.