Hiring An Attorney To Help You Navigate Through A Divorce

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Child custody is one of the most difficult elements of a divorce. Who gets custody of the kids? What do you do about visitation and holidays? How can you get through this aspect of the divorce without everyone coming unwound? This blog contains information and tips about child custody arrangements during and after a divorce and advice about what your attorney can do for you. It is my hope that my personal experience of going through a divorce and having custody arrangements made and altered a few different times will help you get through the process a little easier than I did.

Hiring An Attorney To Help You Navigate Through A Divorce

20 January 2019
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Hiring an attorney for a divorce does not mean that you are out to make it the divorce harder, but with the legal system being as complicated as it is, there are things you will need help with. Hiring an attorney makes it easier to get through the process and protect both parties as well as any children involved. 

Divorce Options

When you decide to get a divorce, there are some things to consider. If the divorce is uncontested and both parties want it, it can be much easier for anyone. In some states, you do not even have to go to court to get the divorce, but it is still a good idea to have a lawyer to work with. They can help make sure all the paperwork is processed correctly, and if there is a motion or particular document that needs filling, they will know how to get that done for you.

For contested divorces, you will have to go to court, but the lawyers will do most of the work. Be prepared though; the judge may ask questions of both parties to get a feel for what the situation is and work out the details of the divorce. 

Finding the Best Attorney

The simple fact is, there are a lot of divorce lawyers out there. Finding one that is going to give you the service you need is essential. Spend the money on a decent lawyer so that you get the divorce filed and resolved without any problems down the road and you will be much happier. It is a good idea to talk to friends or coworkers that have gone through a divorce to see if they have a recommendation for you. Often they can tell you if they had a good experience with the attorney that they hired. 

Speak up If You Need to

Most of the time, your attorney is going to know the best way to go when filing and dealing with custody, property, or money but remember that you are in charge so if you have already agreed to specific things with your spouse, let the lawyer no and stick to the agreement unless there is a legal issue with it. You can ask any question about any part of the proceedings, and they should be willing to talk you through it. Remember, you are the boss, and the attorney is working for you, not the other way around. 

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