Why Get A Lawyer To Discuss Alimony?

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Why Get A Lawyer To Discuss Alimony?

17 March 2019
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Alimony is considered in many divorces when a soon-to-be ex-spouse is concerned about being left with a certain lifestyle they have grown accustomed to throughout marriage. This is often an arrangement made that financially helps support a person, especially if they were an at-home parent or largely relied on the income of the other divorcing party throughout marriage and will now be left without the same financial access they are used to.

When alimony comes to play, things can be tricky. Whether you are the one facing paying alimony or you are the other party hoping to get your fair share in the end of the deal, here are reasons why you should consider a lawyer for mediating this sensitive subject.

There may be hidden assets

If you are the one paying alimony, you want to dig up any assets the other person may be hiding from you. This includes any additional income from a job, an inheritance, money from a recent loan, or even child support received from another parent. The more funds you can show the other person has, the less you may have to pay in alimony. Having a lawyer will help you prove the other person's real income or access to money.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you are to be receiving alimony, the other person may try to hide their assets so they don't look as rich as you know them to be. People hide assets in business spending and by other means, which can make your fair share of the divorce settlement lower than it should be. Your lawyer will be able to sense any foul play and keep things fair.

You may not agree

Where money is concerned, particularly in a situation as sensitive as divorce, there may be disagreements about who deserves what. To help mediate your situation and make your divorce as amicable as possible, let your lawyer be your mediator. Your lawyer has no emotional or personal interest in the case, rather, they pay attention to finances and income and other lifestyle means you and the other person had in the marriage. This means whatever the lawyer comes up with as far as alimony amounts, the odds are, there are reasons behind the dollar amount that is fair to everyone involved. A lawyer can be beneficial in the event of a divorce where alimony is an issue. Call a law service, like Williams Law Group, LLC., for a consultation.