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Criminal Defense Attorneys: Duis

4 September 2019
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One of the best ways to defend yourself against criminal charges is to know your rights. Criminal defense attorneys are masters at making sure that your rights have not been infringed upon while you have been processed into the system. A minor, although still criminal charge that many people have to defend themselves against is the common DUI or driving under the influence. 

There are several ways that a police officer can ascertain whether or not you are under the influence of alcohol or other illicit drugs. The most common are the field sobriety test, the breathalyzer, and a blood alcohol test. It is important for you to know how all of these methods work so that if you are pulled over for drunk driving you know what is happening and what your rights are. Should you have any questions, criminal defense lawyers are available near you for consultations.


A breathalyzer is a device that can be used to estimate the level of alcohol in your blood. It works by having an individual breathe into it and then any traces of ethanol are detected. Police can pull you over under the suspicion that you are driving drunk, though they cannot know for sure unless you undergo a test. Should your blood alcohol level be higher than .08 you may be taken into custody.

Field Sobriety Test

A field sobriety test is a sort of balance test that can determine if you are incapacitated and should not be driving. This is usually performed by the officer asking an individual to exit their vehicle and stand in a specific place. They will then instruct the person to balance on one foot, walk in a straight line with their arms out, or follow a light with just their eyes. All of these challenges can be extremely difficult when intoxicated.

Blood Alcohol Test

If you have been arrested under suspicion of a DUI, you will likely have a blood test administered. This is when a licensed professional draws a sample of you blood which is then tested for alcohol. While this test is not performed at the scene of the crime (in your automobile), it is one of the most reliable sources for concrete evidence in these cases. If you refuse to a blood test, a warrant will likely be issued in a very timely manner in order to get evidence of your blood alcohol levels before they begin to level out.

In conclusion, the best way to pass these tests is simple: Do not drive after drinking. If you fail to do this for some reason, make sure that officers do not abuse your rights. You do not have to admit to doing anything wrong when asked. Instead, it is perfectly fine for you to keep quiet or ask for a lawyer.