What The Accident Scene Reveals About Your Accident

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What The Accident Scene Reveals About Your Accident

25 June 2020
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Every personal injury case hinges on evidence. Evidence can prove who caused the accident as well as the damages suffered by the accident victim. Much of that important evidence may already be recorded by the time you pull up to the emergency room entrance. Read on to find out more about what can be garnered from an investigation of the accident scene and what it means your personal injury case.

Meet Your Accident Investigator

You might have remembered seeing the accident investigator at the scene of your accident but didn't know who you were seeing. It is one of the law enforcement officers that respond to the scene of the accident. Law enforcement is usually called to the scene so that traffic can be diverted and directed, to ascertain whether or not someone needs to be arrested (for DUI, reckless driving, etc.), and to prepare a preliminary report about the accident. They use several visual and verbal cues to give them insight into what caused the accident.

Fault is Important

Of all the aspects that determine how an accident case turns out, determining fault is the most important. The at-fault driver very likely has to use their automobile insurance to pay the medical expenses and other damages of the victim. From the very beginning of the investigation, how the accident happened is of utmost importance to both law enforcement and to the insurance company's accident adjuster.

What Accident Investigations Involve

You might be surprised at how much an experienced investigator can determine just by knowing where to look. Take a look at this list of common hot spots investigators will be reviewing:

  • Vehicle damage – the location of the greatest impact and the level of damage can show who was driving faster at the time of impact.
  • Vehicle location – before the vehicles are moved, lots of photographs are taken showing where the vehicles ended up. This can show the location of the vehicles just prior to the accident.
  • Skid marks – When brakes are applied suddenly, marks can appear on the pavement. The location, size, direction, and matching tires can tell investigators a lot about the accident.
  • Roadside damage – Knocked over signs, trees with scraped bark, barrier damage – anything moved or hit on the side of the road can serve as evidence.
  • Statements from both drivers, any passengers, and neutral third-party eye-witnesses are key.

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