What Next After Being Served Divorce Papers?

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Child custody is one of the most difficult elements of a divorce. Who gets custody of the kids? What do you do about visitation and holidays? How can you get through this aspect of the divorce without everyone coming unwound? This blog contains information and tips about child custody arrangements during and after a divorce and advice about what your attorney can do for you. It is my hope that my personal experience of going through a divorce and having custody arrangements made and altered a few different times will help you get through the process a little easier than I did.

What Next After Being Served Divorce Papers?

25 August 2021
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You probably hoped to get a lifetime with your significant other, but somewhere along the way, things got complicated. You have just received divorce papers, and the anger, rage, confusion, and frustration you are feeling is overwhelming. 

What Do You Do Next? 

As tempting as it may be to call your spouse and give them a piece of your mind, it will probably make things worse. Here is what to do after getting served divorce papers.

Consult with a Divorce Lawyer

Getting served divorce papers means your partner is serious about the divorce and has already hired an attorney. Divorce is a serious legal matter, and you need to understand what your obligations and rights are according to the law.

Once you get served divorce papers, you will need to file an answer within a specified duration of time. Your answer should either affirm or deny the allegations alongside the divorce papers.

The answer you submit needs to be clear, thoughtful, and verified. Therefore, you need a divorce lawyer to help file a well-verified and thorough answer on time. Failing to submit your answer within the stipulated time could result in your rights being forfeited.

Don't React with Emotion

Divorce is hard, and so is saying goodbye to a spouse you have lived with for years. Although divorce may feel like a betrayal, you shouldn't react with emotion. Avoid doing anything that could negatively hurt your case.

If you and your partner still live in the same house, don't engage in domestic disputes. If you have been separated for a while, don't go over to their place for a confrontation. Remember your actions will determine how well or how bad your case goes. Therefore, stay out of trouble.

Keep Children Out of the Divorce

As challenging as it may be, you shouldn't involve your children in the divorce process. Often, when involved, children assume it's now time to choose one parent over another. All discussions on the divorce should be maintained between you, your partner, and your lawyers.

Avoid making any negative comments about your partner to your children. If possible, you should continue giving them the same attention as before until the court proceedings are over. Refrain from drinking alcohol and doing drugs or other substances. Intoxication not only impairs judgment and also fuels emotions which could lead you to commit serious mistakes. 

However hard getting served with divorce papers is, always avoid confrontations and keep your emotions in check. Hire a divorce lawyer immediately after you get served to know your rights, obligations, and options.